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Cigar Minnow

SCIENTIFIC NAME : Decapterus punctatus

OTHER NAMES: Round Scad, Hardtail, Cigarfish, Chuparaco

RANGE: All Florida coasts, the Bahamas and Caribbean.

HABITAT: Large schools are widespread in the Gulf and Atlantic, from near the beaches to well offshore.

DESCRIPTION: As the name suggests, the body is cigar-shaped. The tail is forked and scutes are present. Small black spots are present along the lateral line. Color is dull gray or tan with whitish underside.

SIZE: Under a foot; averages 6-8 inches.

FOOD VALUE: Used as bait, not food.


TACKLE AND BAITS: Although anglers purchase most of their Cigar Minnows in fresh or frozen state, they can be caught on Sabiki rigs, a series of tiny hooks that are sometimes dressed with nylon filaments, although Glass Minnows will just as readily take the plain hooks. This rig can be purchased at tackle shops or put together by the angler. A sinker is fixed to the end of the string of hooks. A stout rod and fairly heavy line will make things easier, since no sport is involved, and since the sinker may have to be rather heavy, depending on the depth at which the Cigar Minnows, spotted by sonar, are hanging.

FISHING TECHNIQUES: Drifting; Still Fishing.


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