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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Over the years we have received these questions most frequently. If your question isn't here and you need an answer, please contact us.


  1. Can we bring our own equipment?
  2. Do you Guarantee Fish?
  3. Where do you fish?
  4. Do you offer transportation?
  5. Is lunch included with the trip?
  6. Can we keep our fish?
  7. Can we use lures instead of live bait?
  8. Do you offer discounts for multiple day trips?
  9. Do you offer accommodations with your trips?
  10. Do you offer corporate or large group trips?

Can we bring our own equipment?

  Sure, We have no problem with you bringing what you are comfortable fishing with. We prefer you use ours, it is already rigged for the style of fishing we will be doing for your trip. We do ask that you limit yourself to just two rods, and a small amount of tackle because it will be to much to bring more that that on the boat.

Do you guarantee Fish?

No, we do not guarantee fish. There really is no point in doing that. This is a marketing ploy by other second rate " GUIDES " to get you to feel warm and cozy about booking your trip with them. The truth is, Only GOD can guarantee a fish, and since I am not HIM, I won't try to make him mad. I have only had 4 trips in the last 9 years with out a fish, So there is a real good chance we will catch fish.

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Where do you fish?

We fish all over Florida. We fish Freshwater and Saltwater. Your trip could take us to any of Florida's BEST waters. If you have a special request for a specific body of water, We can do that, however conditions may not allow us to have the best day on that water, so I may suggest something that has been hot recently. To see more information about where we fish, check out the information on our website.

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Do you offer transportation?

Yes, we do offer transportation at no cost from most area hotels and resorts. If you are out of our area, and need transportation, we can arrange for you to be picked up for a fee. Also if you are staying in the Orlando, Disney area, We offer transportation to the coast when you book a saltwater flats trip with us. You do not have to get up and drive 50 miles to an area you have never been, hoping you can find someone you never met, only to get there and late and find him gone. We will pick you up in the area at your hotel and bring you back.

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Is lunch included with the trip?

No, We do not offer food of any kind. We do offer Ice, Water, and Soft Drinks and snacks like crackers, and cookies included with your trip. If you want to have lunch, we can stop at a sandwich shop on the way, or grab something at one of the marina's in the area at lunch. Most places we fish have a restaurant on the water. Or you may bring your own.

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Can we keep our fish?

We are a catch and release guide service. If you catch a Trophy you would like to have mounted, we have a taxidermist who can do a skin mount or a replica mount, and ship it to you when it is completed. We believe in catch and release, because today's fish is tomorrows Trophy. If you wan to eat fish, I recommend Red Lobster, you don't have to clean theirs.

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Can we use lures instead of live bait?

Yes, We always let the customer make that decision. We do provide all the lures for the fishing that we do, however, If your goal is to catch a Large Trophy, we will recommend live bait in some cases. Our main goal is to help you reach yours. Be that live bait, or Artificial.

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Do you offer discounts for multiple day trips?

Yes, if you make a reservation for more than 4 days of fishing with us, we will discount it for you. Call us for more information about the discounts. 

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Do you offer accommodations with your trips?

Yes, if you need accommodations we can offer you a package deal and accommodations at the luxurious Roland Martin Marina on Lake Okeechobee. Please check out our Accommodation Page for information about the resort

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Do you offer corporate or large group trips?

Yes, We specialize in large groups or Corporate Fishing Trips. We have experience in handling groups as large as 50 people. See our Group Page for more details.

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